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Scholarships availble for intenational students in PUHSC

1. Chinese Government Scholarship(CSC Scholarship)

For the introduction of CSC Scholarship and how to apply for it, please visit the details at:  http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/

For pre-admission letter, please send all your documents to zxg_904@bjmu.edu.cn or nengweigang@bjmu.edu.cn. We will examine your documents and get back to you.

2. Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students

It is a scholarship for the excellent foriegh students of the year (only for six-year undergraduate program students, three-year masteral and doctoral program students). It is between 25%-100% of your tuition. Next year, if you are still excellent, you could continue to apply for this scholarship.

3. PUHSC Foreign Students Scholarship

This scholarship is an honor granted to the best students of the year in each class! It is between 800-2000RMB/Capita

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