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新生入学指南(Life Guide for Freshmen)

Peking University Health Science Center

 Life Guide & Security Tips for Freshman


Welcome to Peking University Health Science Center.

When you first arrive in the school, everything may seem strange to you. Here we provide you with theLife Guide & Security Tips. Hopefully it can make your adaption into the life on campus more easily.

1. Accommodation

After your arrival, the Management Center of Foreign Students Building will arrange your accommodation. You need to hand in two photographs of yourself, check in, sign Accommodation Agreement, and get the room card. Each room is furnished with desk, chair, wardrobe, and bed. For every freshman, we will also provide you with free bedding, including cotton quilt, bedclothes, pillow, quilt cover, bedspread, and pillowcase.

Important Notion:Other people are not allowed to stay in the students’ dorm, including the parents. Parents can book a room in Master Inn Hotel which is on the campus or in other hotels near the school.

2. Office

The Management Center of Foreign Students Building is in room 125 on the ground floor of the Foreign Students Building; The Foreign Students Offices are also on the first floor of this building from room 118 to room 123.

3. The tuition, housing & insurance feesshould be paid in a certain period time after admission (There will be another notice later). Any delay on the payment will cost 5% extra. An ICBC card is strongly recommended for payment (Online payment is also supported if you open up the function in the bank). The charged fees are not refundable when you quit the school or transfer to another school.

4. The facilities in the Foreign Students Building

  1. Washing machine: there is washing machine with card- reader on every other floor. You can buy washing card from the Service Desk.
  2. Boiler Room: every floor has a boiler room, which supplies hot water 24 hours a day. 
  3. Telephone, web service: each room has an IC card telephone, through which you can make international calls, national calls and local calls (You should buy an IC card); to get international and national web service in your dorm, you have to go through some procedures at the Information Center of the school.

5. Food

Four dining halls on campus are available to you. Yuejin Building has three floors for dining, each floor with different flavor and price. Muslim canteen is for Muslim students and those who respect Muslim food tradition. Bixiang Ge is in the 1stfloor of NO.7 Building, which will open soon. De Yuan is to the north of Wumart.

A temporary card will be issued to you for dining and entering/exiting the dorm building. You have to charge it on the 1stfloor of Yuejin Building, and then buy food in the dining halls. Later when the official student ID card is issued, the temporary one will be returned. The money will be transferred to the new card. You can also bind the student ID card with the ICBC card and charge it with smart machines on campus so that you don’t have to wait in the queue.


6. Post office

The 4rdbuilding on campus has a post office, which provides service for posting mails, packages as well as EMS.

You can also find lots of express mailing companies in front of the International Students Building, there you can find cheaper & faster mailing services.

7. Hospital

If you get sick, you can go to the school infirmary (the 6thbuilding) or the Third Hospital of Peking University, which is close to the school and supplies out-patient service for foreign students.    

8. Mailing address of the school:

Room No×××

Foreign Student Building,

Peking University Health Science Center

38 Xueyuan Rd, Haidian District

Beijing 100191, China

9. Transportation

There are bus stops near each gate of the school. You can check on the Internet for more bus information.

West Gate(The main gate): 498, 562, 331 to the main campus;

North Gate: 696 to the main campus;

South Gate: 484 to the Bird Nest.

Subway No. 10: about 800 meters south to the West Gate of the school.

10. Important Security Tips

  1. Watch out for Fraud through Tel/Online/Other ways: If any person or organization ask you to send money or transfer money through any way, please contact the Foreign Students Office first. We’ll help you make sure whether it’s a fraud or not.
  2. Erotic Materials/Gambling/Drugs are banned in Beijing, especially on campus. If you are found to have such a situation, you are facing a legal punishment and dismissal from school.







1. 到校后,由留学生公寓管理中心安排宿舍,交两张照片,进行入住登记,签入住协议,领取宿舍房卡。房间内配备了书桌、椅子、衣柜及床。新入学的同学每人免费享有一套床上用品,包括棉被、棉褥、枕头、床单、被罩、枕套。

2. 宿舍内不准留宿任何人,包括新生家长。家长如有需求,可预订学校内的赢家商务酒店或学校周边的宾馆、酒店。




1. 请在规定时间内缴清学费、房费和保险费。逾期缴纳5﹪的滞纳金。

2. 缴款方式:现场刷卡(请使用工商银行银联卡)或按学校规定时间进行网络缴费(须开通相应大陆银行卡的网络银行功能)。

3. 学生在中途转学或退学时,已收取的学费不转不退。具体交费时间另行通知。


1. 洗衣机:楼内每双层设有卡式洗衣机,可在服务台购买洗衣卡。

2. 开水房:楼内每单层设有开水房,24小时供应饮用热水。

3. 电话:宿舍内设有电话,可打国际、国内长途电话及市内电话;拨打校内电话免费(直拨后四位),拨打市内、国内和国际长途需要购买电话卡。

4. 在学校信息中心交费办理开通手续后,房间就可登陆国际、国内网站。


    1. 校园内共有四个餐厅,分别为跃进厅(共3层,一层为学生食堂、二层为教工食堂、三层为中档餐厅)、回民食堂(物美超市北侧二层)、碧香阁(7号楼一层)、德园餐厅(物美超市北侧)。

    2. 就餐卡:报到后发放临时就餐卡,先在跃进厅一层西侧窗口充值,然后可以在以上四个餐厅使用。9月中旬办理校园卡时,学校信息中心将回收临时就餐卡,其中资金转入校园卡,此后持校园卡就餐。校园卡可与工行卡绑定,通过校园圈存机充值。


1. 邮局:学生公寓4号楼西侧有中国邮政北医邮局,可以邮寄邮件、包裹,也提供EMS服务。

2.  快递服务:留学生公寓门口有各类快递公司摊点,可以邮寄邮件、包裹。


1. 如学生生病,可到学校校医院(六号楼)或北京大学附属第三医院就诊。该医院紧邻医学部。


    1. 学校通讯地址:北京市海淀区学院路38号北京大学医学部留学生公寓×××房间,邮编100191

    2. 学校周边公交和地铁:医学部西门有“北京航空航天大学”公交站,有498,562,331等可去北京大学校本部,另有632,617等多路公交车。医学部北门有“学院桥东”公交站,可在马路对面乘坐696去本部。医学部南门东侧有“北医三院”公交站,可以乘坐484路去鸟巢、水立方等国家奥体中心园区。各站车次及具体路线可自行上网查询。医学部西门南行大约800米可至地铁10号线“西土城”站。


    1. 严防电信诈骗:任何以电话、电子邮件、网络社交软件或其他方式进行的涉及交钱的项目,请同学们务必提高警惕,提前与办公室老师沟通,以确认真实性。